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Le Coeur de madame Sabali 2014

Feature film by Ryan Mckenna

Custom costume design by Becca Blackwood was key in this production: I made patterns, cut and sewed unique pieces, like the bathing suits and caps below.

Some costumes were tweaked premade clothing, like the work uniforms for example.

Working with the pregnant body was an enjoyable challenge.

More pictures via Facebook site.


gypsy kumbia orchestra

15 piece orchestra with dancers and life size marionette.  Garments are recycled, modified, altered, painted, and sewn. |


Tabula Rasa

Short film by Matthew Rankin |

I helped on set with the wardrobe, dressing the actors, and keeping them dry.  I made the angel costume and headpiece special for easy reset.

From drawing to costume

I also made the accessories - wigs, headpieces, pregnancy suit, cane.

Photographer: Pénélope St-Cyr Robitaille |

Minuit la mère


Benjamin Backbite.

Mad Men Twist